The Hawaiian Gardens Casino Loyalty Review

The Hawaiian Gardens Casino Loyalty Review

The Hawaiian Gardens Casino may be one of the plainest, most ordinary destinations on our loyalty review list; yet visiting this establishment allows players a range of rewarding activities like high stakes poker tournaments, blackjack, baccarat, and Pai Gow. In all honesty we were not even sure if they belonged in our database, but there’s no denying that we had a fantastic time there and would not hesitate to return.

The Hawaiian Gardens Casino Rewards Overview

The Hawaiian Gardens Casino does not have a loyalty rewards program like the ones you’re normally used to; there are no reward cards or fancy promises of eventual fortunes. They do not have an actual hotel either, so the room comp thing is definitely out of the question. Instead of all the gimmicks, the management at the Hawaiian Gardens instead opts to put their advertising money back to where it matters the most; into their prize pools.

The Hawaiian Gardens Casino Rewards- The Good

The Hawaiian Gardens Casino has a number of daily tournaments that span around the clock, and it really doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur blackjack player or the world’s premiere baccarat authority. Simply bring your skills and your wallet for some relaxed, enjoyable match-ups with prize pools sometimes reaching 250% of the actual buy-in amount, all because of the casino’s kickbacks. There are also several daily drawings and freerolls available.

If tournaments are not your thing, there are plenty of normal tables available for you as well. Drinks and snacks are provided for serious gamblers, but that’s about the only comp you will find inside this establishment. The Hawaiian Gardens feels that the best benefit that they can give their players is superior house odds and excellent payouts, so that’s exactly what you get.

The Hawaiian Gardens Casino Rewards- The Bad

In essence, the Hawaiian Gardens does not have a loyalty program at all; they just take care of their players by putting the profits back into their customer’s pockets. On one hand, it is hard to get excited about the lack of comps. In another light, however, how can you argue with industry-leading odds and the largest prize pools in California?

The Hawaiian Gardens Casino Rewards- Overall

Even though the Hawaiian Gardens does not have any sort of loyalty program besides a daily giveaway, it is one heck of a place to play and hang out with some friends. The action is great, the staff is friendly, and we all can promise that you’ll have a great time. If you can live with higher chances of winning instead of loyalty rewards, then the Hawaiian Gardens is definitely worth a visit.